The Market Overview

The Internet tablet joined mobile gadgets just not long ago but has already proved to be one of the most popular gadgets.  Its popularity is based on the mobility of the device which can be taken literally everywhere and its rather great autonomy allowing about 8-10 hours of independent work without care of charging. It is suitable for lots of tasks and its price is really quite modest, which also lures customers.  So the new goods category is a splendid opportunity to combine the best features of a smartphone and a laptop. The only significant disadvantage is the lack of competition at the market and as the result lack of choice for a potential customer.
The first in class gadget was represented by Apple’s iPad somewhere in April. And so far only Job’s device is the pattern of the functionalities and performance that this category gadgets might have.  From one point of view it can be regarded as a good start: the iPad being the first one is really a pattern to follow, which means other manufacturers will strive to excel its quality and performance characteristics to lure customers. A bunch of features, introduced by the iPad such as video streaming, Internet connection, a big screen, touch interface, long battery life, possibilities for video conferencing, all of them already make up something a person will be looking for  in new tablets. A rather modest price Apple has set for its devices is also a certain limit, other competitors won’t feel like exceeding in order not to scare away consumers.
So, for a consumer the release of a new gadget category in the way it happened is really very successful. As the first iPad hype broke up it’s time to turn around and enquire what other companies can offer in the Internet tablet category.  The overview will be quite unfavorable, as the iPad enjoys its uniqueness at the market, at least so far, though lots of companies stated they would deliver their own products by the end of 2010 or at the beginning of 2011.

 The possible iPad competitors could be the latest product Cius from Cisco, the EeePad tablet provided by Asus, a companion device from RIM as well as the tablet form Google.  But all the mentioned devices were announced after the iPad came to the market and are somehow reactions to the Apple’s product, iphone application development and iPad development.  But there is another device which was to hit the market prior to the iPad and has a long history of development, enterprises cooperation and enterprises adversary.